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Worth Hole can be used free of charge if you agree to the following terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimer.

If you do not agree, please stop using it immediately and uninstall it.

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Terms of Service

  • Unauthorized redistribution is prohibited regardless of whether or not it has been modified.
  • When disclosing the notes to others, please observe public order and morals and do so at your own risk.

Privacy Policy

Except as specified below, we do not transmit the contents of your notes or any other actions you take while viewing them, outside of the execution machine.

Google Drive
  • Upload your notes to Google Drive™ when Google Drive™ sync setting is ON.
  • Google Drive sync is initially OFF and requires an explicit setting to turn it ON.
  • Google Drive is only used for uploading your own notes and downloading notes shared by you or others.

The contents of your notes are stored in an area within the personal machine that other scripts cannot access.


Although it is produced with care, it does not guarantee trouble-free operation in all environments.

You are responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or not being able to use Worth Hole.

Published Sep 11, 2022

読み手による双方向ハイパーリンク(Two-way hyperlinks by readers)