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Previously, note contents were accessible from other scripts on the same page. From this time, confidentiality has been secured as follows by improving the data management method.

Accessible data range overview

To people sharing notes To people not sharing notes Browser(Google) Other scripts
Note contents*1 + - + -
User information*2 + - + -
Where the note is pasted*3 + - + +-*5
Web page content other than where the note is pasted -*4 - + +-*5

*1: Note, link note, link popup
*2: Google account name, gmail address
*3: The URL and hilited text in the page where the note is pasted
*4: Need to get page content from URL independently
*5: Only information of the same URL

Accessibility Supplement

Your accessibility

You and your Worth Hole still have access to all information.

Accessibility of others

Only explicit note sharer have access to your note-related information. All information that other Worth Holes can access is data that others can directly access through the GUI of Google Drive™. In other words, it simply presents information that can be viewed by others in an easy-to-read manner. Also, if the web page where the note is pasted is inaccessible to others, information other than the place where the note is pasted will not be leaked.

As specified in the Privacy Policy, the contents of your notes and other actions you take while browsing are not sent outside of the execution machine, unless you explicitly publish them on Google Drive. For this reason, even the author of Worth Hole cannot obtain any information unless you explicitly share your notes.

Browser accessibility

The browser has access to all browsing activity, including notes. Please check your browser’s privacy policy for more information. However, using a Worth Hole does not mean that confidentiality is particularly compromised.

Accessibility of non-Worth Hole scripts

The change this time is to block access to note content and user information from other scripts on the same page. As a result, you can now write notes without worrying about leakage.

However, if the person who published the note tries to leak it with malicious intent, it cannot be stopped. Other than Worth Hole or browsers, there are many leak methods that others can take, and Worth Hole cannot block all of them. It goes without saying, but disclose your notes only to people you trust.

Note that even if you or others modify Worth Hole within the scope of general curiosity, note information will not be leaked to other scripts. This is because we made improvements so that important information is not directly handled on pages where other scripts may exist.

If you care about it, it will continue to be the point that other scripts on the same page can only know where the note is pasted. This is only because we need to add data to the page body that is shared with other scripts.

Even without Worth Hole, other scripts can get the entire page content you browse. For page content, using Worth Hole does not change your privacy.

Published Sep 11, 2022

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