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URL append shortcuts for notes

Start to append URL to the last note

When you press the “Add to last note” button on the popup that appears when you select text on a web page…

Append URL to the last note

Opens an edit dialog that adds a link to the location you just selected to the last saved note.

In-page note list

Start to list in-page notes

​If you select an appropriate place on the page where the note is located and select “Page notes”…

List in-page notes

​The notes attached to the page can be listed with their locations.

​ *1 Position from top of page.

*2 The text where the note is pasted. Click to jump to that location.

*3 Note text, etc. Click to view notes.

Note management

Start to list all notes

Click on the Worth Hole icon from the top right of your browser…

List all notes

You can list, search, backup and restore all notes.

Published Sep 12, 2022

読み手による双方向ハイパーリンク(Two-way hyperlinks by readers)